Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use HospoSure as part of my Business Plan?

HospoSure will absolutely support your strategic and financial planning. After completing the training, this will unquestionably support and complement your cafe business plan.

Is HospoSure just for cafe startups?

The HospoSure cafe business planning program is designed for cafe entrepreneurs that are either planning to open or already open for business. If you want to dig deeper into the numbers behind your cafe's operations, and looking to make your cafe a success, then HospoSure will assist you regardless of where your cafe is in its development.

Do you have to be a cafe to use HospoSure?

Absolutely not! While we typically work with cafes, anyone in the food and beverage business who wants to improve their management skills through a better understanding of the numbers can benefit greatly from HospoSure hospitality app.

When will you be integrating with cafe POS?

Our technology and operations teams are currently exploring the use of integrational technologies to deliver 360-degree pre-opening education to ongoing cafe operations, allowing total visibility. Please contact us if you have any questions about future integration plans.

Is HospoSure offering ongoing coaching to supplement the app?

HospoSure is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through modelling your cafe business and has built in educational prompts and Coaching Notes. If you need extra help, coaching for HospoSure support and all other major aspects of cafe operations is available with our friends at Clever Cafe Company who helped create the app and will be able to assist you through any challenges.