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Cafe planning and modelling, recipe analysis, and financial metrics with helpful pointers and coaching tips. Easy-to-use software with access to accredited hospitality coaching and expert mentorship on demand.

Unlock Your Cafe Potential: Innovate, Customise, and Achieve Success!

Using tailor made software, customisable templates, expert coaching tips, and comprehensive guides, you can now create your fundamental cafe business model in as little as three hours. Smash your goals and unlock the full potential of your cafe as you embark on this transformative journey.

Starting or Operating a Cafe?

Our user-friendly platform empowers cafe entrepreneurs like you to accelerate operational and financial education, setting up and running your cafe like a pro. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, guesswork, and gut instinct as you unlock the growth potential of your cafe with our modern training and planning solution.

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3 Steps to Success


Cafe Modelling

Model the basics! Get ready to create a cafe model projection that's made to measure. Draft your initial cafe model based on high-level financial estimates of Overheads, Supplier costs, Payroll, and Operation details. Check the Dashboard when you're ready to see how your numbers add up.

Screenshot depicting HospoSure's Supplier page to list, add and update Supplier details.

Menu Building

Craft your recipes! Extend your initial model by building out your Menu with detailed Recipes, importing from hundreds of templated examples to rapidly complete your detailed operational model. Gain insights into how prep, service, and ingredient costs impact profit margins for each recipe.

Screenshot depicting HospoSure's detailed Menu Recipe Analysis tool.


Fine tune to success! View a full snapshot of your cafe finances, see where your money is going and where improvements can be made. Toggle between Cafe Modelling and Menu Building stages to compare your initial revenue and supplier cost projections against your detailed menu analysis. With alerts if your numbers are straying outside of cafe industry norms, the Dashboard provides a firm grip on your finances and enables informed decisions for your cafe's success.

Screenshot depicting HospoSure's Dashboard to review profit margins, key metrics, and revenue cost split.

Friends in high places

We are working closely to build relationships and align with the services you use and respect, on both national and global levels, ensuring we bring you the best available solutions.

HospoSure Dynamic Features

  • Experience quick entry and achieve instant results with hundreds of pre-entered cafe templates.
  • Embrace simple business planning, training, and modelling for your cafe's success.
  • Attain precision in menu development, pricing, and costing for optimal impact.
  • Discover your cafe's labour, ingredient, and overhead expenses to sales ratios.
  • Assess risks and enhance your financial awareness for better decision-making.
  • Gain insight into the projected versus actual performance of your business model.
  • Access expert coaching notes and comprehensive guides for easy adoption.

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